A mix of polarity, deep tissue, craniosacral, and energy balancing techniques is used. The form of bodywork used depends on both the individuality of the client, ‘and if the complaint is mainly structural, muscular, neurological, and/or from stress. From a background of ten years of professional yoga instruction, Christina offers basic postures to help accelerate comfort and calm. Introduction of new and positive physical habits and body mechanics is included.

LaStone Therapy is a delicious session with warm and smooth basalt river stones around and under the spine, and with massage done with the warm stones, in the palms, allowing deeper, more contoured heat and pressure penetration. This is an extremely popular spa treatment, and helps cleanse the lymph, melt stiffness, and allows maximum relaxation. Fibromyalgia, RSD, and other complex disorders respond best to a combination of EMDR and bodywork.