This gentle touch work is a healing modality that grew out of osteopathy. CST corrects imbalances in the fluid and membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This is important because this rhythmic cerebrospinal flow stimulates the body’s natural healing system. This kind of therapeutic work may be called “biodynamic” to remind us that every cell in our system, is connected to, and wishing well being for, our entire system.

Craniosacral fluid, (CSF) is very important to your skeletal, muscular, and immune systems, brain function, and thus even behavior patterns. Consider the ocean. We can see waves and undulations on the surface but the huge forces of the ocean are invisible. The muscular tension, the harmonious peace, the living organisms of the ocean plunge to great depths. What we can behold by looking at the ocean is only a small part of the total activity.

As deep-sea divers might be equipped to experience the ocean’s depths, cranial sacral practitioners may use subtle touch and impeccable intention to contact and be an effective part of the entire being of our clients. The unimpeded flow of CSF allows balance and relief throughout our entire system.