Victor Rua

Teacher educated in traditional tango, folklore, and in Therapeutic Dance. Dance teacher Victor Rua will be coming from Buenos Aires Argentina to teach tango and also Argentine Folklore, folk dancing. Tango is the ultimate dance of connection, both inwardly as a meditation and outwardly as an art. If you are intimidated by tango, feel heartened that folklore is easy to learn and a joy to dance.

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Students enjoying Victor Rua's style of introduction to connecting to a friend or partner.

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Ney Melo

Ney Melo is an internationally renowned Argentine Tango teacher known for his innovative teaching methods and passion for teaching. He is also a model, and a dedicated dad, and my personal experience with him that he has contagious cheerful high energy! Ney is up for anything and will be choreographing a surprise here in San Miguel e Allende. His tango instruction is sought out by beginning and advanced dancers, as well as other teachers and choreographers from all over the world. See more about Ney at:

Yahoo! News (Sep 2011)

The New York Times (Sep 2011)

La Nacion (Argentina)

Since 2002, Ney has traveled the world and taught Argentine Tango in such countries as Iceland, Australia, Finland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, and Italy. 

Here are some reviews about his teaching