Connecting through Music, Dance, Food and Storytelling in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Meet your host Christina Johnson, Festival Creator and Director

In January 2020, The first One Heart Cultural Festival took place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

The idea was to create more connection between people using the ancient ways we have always connected: through storytelling, dance, music, and food. Some of these connections are rare in contemporary times because of technology and using social media to connect rather than a physical presence, human voice, and enjoying experience within a group of people.

The Festival this year includes classes of dance, stage performance, an incredible internationally acclaimed tango orchestra, (QUINTANGO) Oaxacan cooking class with a celebrity Mexican poet, a concert and elegant dinner in a top quality winery, and a visionary New York Times Best Seller speaker who will speak to your heart.

Lupita Guerrero, Chief Organizer and Designer

We suggest ways to connect with neighbors and new people by attending Meet Me There, a group led by Victor Rua, our guest from Argentina. Try meeting new faces at the Festival, enjoy new friendship possibilities, and perhaps leave your cell phone for an hour to be with a real person.

Through the Festival we hope to awaken and restore hope for the future as our future unfolds tentatively due to years of COVID and the current stress of political and environmental changes. We enthusiastically respond to the world situation with respect for people and how we can manifest a kinder and more forgiving community when we know our neighbors face to face and realize we are of “one heart”.

If you cannot register for individual events, you may email, or call or text Whatsapp 1-601-392-1732.  

Payment may be made in cash or by Paypal or Zelle. Direct Zelle payments to, Wells Fargo Bank in the USA. If space is available, you will be happily registered. We are updating the payment option online, so thanks for your understanding.

LOCATIONS of the events will be given when your registration is received.

SEPARATE TICKETS may be sold in person by Festival affiliates after Oct. 1st on a space-available basis.

Event costs are by donations. The suggested minimums are listed. Feel free to contribute more if you feel inclined. Thank you for supporting the Festival! 

Los precios para entrar a los eventos son por donación voluntaria a partir del 5 Octubre. Se enumeran los precios mínimos sugeridos para donaciones. Siéntase libre de donar más. Gracias por su apoyo del Festival.

VIP Event Vuelo del Corazon

Discount price for two people registering together, 1,400 pesos or 81 USD each. 

Tickets for concerts now are on sale. Se puede comprar boletos ahora.
Se vende entradas para los conciertos el 14, 15, 26 y 27 de octubre de 2 a 6 PM.
Dirreción: subida al Caracol #10, Colonia el Caracol. Casa con reja negra. No hay timbre.

Tickets for concerts will be sold on Oct. 14,15, 26, and 27 from 2 to 6 PM.
The address is the uphill part of Calle Caracol # 10, the house has black bars, and no doorbell.

Date & TimeEvent NameMXNUSD
Sat, Oct. 28th
10 am – 11:30 am
Tango Class - Fluid exchange roles for all with Cecilia Gonzalez. *Limited to 20 Participants
Location: Casa Sueño Azul, Calle Donceles 41, colonial Los Frailes transportation provided at extra cost.
1 pm – 2:30 pmWelcome Bienvenida Festival Party. Mexican cuisine, a gorgeous view of the city, and the BEST Mariachis in town! What Does the Heart Love? Opening Talk with Diana Wentworth. *Limited to 50 participants.
Location: Los Milagros Terraza Restaurant Calle Real Salida a Queretaro 91, esq Piedras Chinas.
7 pm – 9 pm“Opening the Heart” Concert by Quintango. Special guest: Natalia Toledo (Mexican Poet), Cecilia González & Jathan Sánchez (Tango Performance), Keila Tonello (Singer).
Location: Real de Minas Hotel, Ancha de San Antonio and Calle Vieja al Panteón.
Sun, Oct. 29th
10 am – 11:30 am
Tango Class (embrace (internal and external contact) with Cecilia Gonzalez.
Location: Casa Sueño Azul, Calle Donceles 41, colonial Los Frailes. Transportation provided at extra cost.
11 am – 12:30 pmMeet Me There - an experiential gathering of connection with Victor Rua.
Location: El Sindicato,Recreo # 4, Centro
11:45 am – 1:15 pmTango Class (creating and filing the space with small turns) with Cecilia Gonzalez.
Location: Casa Sueño Azul, Calle Donceles 41, colonial Los Frailes transportation provided at extra cost.
2:45 pm – 4:15 pmTango Class Vals (exploring the rhythm and possibilities) with Cecilia Gonzalez.
Location: Casa Sueño Azul, Calle Donceles 41, colonial Los Frailes transportation provided at extra cost.
7 pm – 9 pm“One Heart” Concert by QuinTango.
Location: El Sindicato,Recreo # 4, Centro
Mon, Oct. 30th
11 am – 12:30 pm
Poetry Workshop - "Words Generate Words" - a literary approach to the origins of language and to Cosmovision (Zapoteca) - with Natalia Toledo (in Spanish with English translation) *Limited to 20 participants.
Location: Biblioteca, Avenida Insurgentes 15, between Calle Hidalgo y Hernández Macias.
1 pm – 2:30 pmTango Class (the subtleness of crossing, profound work on connection while revisiting the cross) with Cecilia Gonzalez.
Location: Casa Sueño Azul, Calle Donceles 41, colonial Los Frailes transportation provided at extra cost.
5 pm – 9 pm“Vuelo del Corazon”  VIP event: QuinTango Concert, Dinner and Winery tour, hosted by Viñedo San Miguel. Special guest talk -  Sparking Delight: Stories of Feast and Friendship, by Diana Wentworth. *Parking is limited. This event requires carpooling or Festival transport cost of 350 MXN (21 USD) roundtrip. Viñedo event is Formal Dress.
Location: Carretera a Celaya, ((road to Celaya), but there is no room for parking your vehicle.
Tues, Oct. 31st
10 am – 11:30 am
Tango For Beginners - with Victor Rua.
Location: El Sindicato, Recreo # 4, Centro.
11:45 am – 1 pmChacarera Argentine Folk Dance with Victor Rua. *We are donating this class for ten students aged 12 to 18. Register by emailing to get the benefit. In the subject line, write Chacarera and your name.
Location: El Sindicato,Recreo # 4, Centro.
12:30 pm - 3 pmEating, Dancing, Laughing, Cooking and Poetry class with Natalia Toledo (in Spanish with English translation).
Location: Casa Sueño Azul, Calle Donceles 41, colonial Los Frailes transportation provided at extra cost.
7 pm – 9 pm“Heart Beat” Concert by QuinTango. *Limited to 120 Guests.
Location: Hotel Tres Fuentes, Baeza 7, Centro.

Special Prices for the following are available until Oct. 5:

Cecilia Gonzalez Tango Classes

We are offering discount prices for only six dancers, three leaders and three followers, no gender-specific for either role… i.e., two women may register together as long as one decides to take the leader role. 400 pesos or 24 USD each per class.

Natalia Toledo's Poetry Workshop "Words Generate Words", in English and Spanish

The discount price of 3,600 pesos or 210 USD for two people, registering together.

Meet QuinTango

The main concert, Opening the Heart, with QuinTango, a sizzling prize-winning orchestra. Quintango has performed in large venues – Kennedy Center, Kravis Center (Palm Beach), Lincoln Center Plaza, Gaillard Auditorium (Charleston, SC), and Stanford’s Dinkelspiel Auditorium in Palo Alto; in historic venues – The White House (State dinner), etc. See more at

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Meet great San Miguel residents:

Chipper Roth Talking about One Heart

Chelo Agundis, personalidad de San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

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Diana Wentworth

Do You Believe In Magic? I always have. 

But that belief has transformed over the years. I now don’t just believe in it, I know how to call in the limitless magic of the universe that resides just beyond our everyday experience. 

Youwill learn how to draw back the curtain that keeps them from experiencing their connection with the all, how to access the divine power that is waiting to uplift them, and how to live in an awareness of the presence of those who have passed. You will learn how to feel their oneness with all that is and bring the magic of that oneness into their lives. 

I’ve been blessed by miracles all my life. And while some might say that I’ve been the fortunate recipient of a great deal of synchronicity, I’m confident that the magic I’ve experienced was not related to luck. I attribute it to my curiosity about the human connection to the divine mystery. This curiosity has led me to great introspection about the meaning of my own existence, and to an ever-deepening knowing of that meaning. 

Cecilia Gonzalez

Well respected by the tango community in Buenos Aires, Cecilia is an exceptional dancer who has worked with the most renowned Argentine dancers of her generation since 1995. She combines strong movements with wise softness getting, without effort, the most powerful synthesis.

The technical precision, fluidity of her movements and notable capacity of improvisation characterize her dance.

Cecilia shares her extensive knowledge and passion with her students. She is a very appreciated and requested tango teacher and has been continually invited to give workshops and participate in festivals around the world. Since its inception in 1999, she has been a member of the teaching faculty of the Argentine International Tango Congress (C.I.T.A) held annually in Buenos Aires.

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Natalia Toledo Paz

Is a Mexican poet who writes in Spanish and Zapotec. Her work helped to revive interest in the Zapotec language. Ida Kozlowska-Day states that Toledo is “one of the most recognized contemporary poets in the native languages of Mexico.”

Toledo Paz’s writing has been concerned with women and their relationship to the environment. Her writing, along with other writers’ use of the Zapotec language in their work, has helped boost demand in Mexico to make indigenous cultures more visible. Toledo Paz enjoys using the Zapotec language because she feels that it has “a great aesthetic sensibility for creating images and beauty.”

She is the president of Patronato de la Casa de la Cultura de Juchitán (Fund of the House of Culture of Juchitán).

Victor Rua

Teacher educated in traditional tango, folklore, and in Therapeutic Dance. Dance teacher Victor Rua will be coming from Buenos Aires Argentina to teach tango and also Argentine Folklore, folk dancing. Tango is the ultimate dance of connection, both inwardly as a meditation and outwardly as an art. If you are intimidated by tango, feel heartened that folklore is easy to learn and a joy to dance.

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Keila Tonello

La Keila is an Argentine artist who through tango and theater found the strength to inhabit and explore the world, transmitting with great sensitivity everything she comes across and that resonates in her heart.

Jathan Sanchez

Jathan is an accomplished and passionate tango dancer. He has partnered with several world-renowned tango dancers to create great theater and shows. He enjoys teaching and is Co-founder at Queer Tango Mexico in Mexico City.