Connecting through Music, Dance, Food and Storytelling in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

You are invited to four days of events Jan. 9 – 12 that offer the most ancient and pleasurable ways that human beings connect.

The main concert in the Angela Peralta theater is Quintango, a sizzling prize-winning orchestra. Quintango has performed in large venues – Kennedy Center, Kravis Center (Palm Beach), Lincoln Center Plaza, Gaillard Auditorium (Charleston, SC), and Stanford’s Dinkelspiel Auditorium in Palo Alto; in historic venues – The White House (State dinner), etc. See more at


Alicia Rappaport will be singing with Quintango, adding her incredibly passionate and expressive style to this consummate performance. 

“Alicia owns the genre. Her voice is beyond compare in any setting, but when she sings Tango, the art form she grew up with…she transport the audience beyond their wildest expectations.

Graeme Russell, Theatre Manager Her Majesty’s Ballarat, Australia
Alicia Rappaport

David Mendoza will play a concert at the beautiful Dos Buhos winery. David’s music includes his own beautiful compositions, as well as others. His music is evocative and you may need kleenex for tears.

“Music is an eternal meditation, a profound healing space in which dreams can be born that will create a better reality.”

David Mendoza
David Mendoza

Dance teacher Victor Rua will be coming from Buenos Aires Argentina to teach tango and also Argentine Folklore, folk dancing. Tango is the ultimate dance of connection, both inwardly as a meditation and outwardly as an art.

If you are intimidated by tango, feel heartened that folklore is easy to learn and a joy to dance.

An afternoon of delicious Middle Eastern food by Bocada del Cielo, to be enjoyed with Belibeya dance company performing Tribal Style Bellydance, a style of Middle Eastern Dance that celebrates the power and beauty of women in a group improvisational dance based on a shared vocabulary of moves, formations, and cues. 

Belibeya Tribal Bellydance

An exciting cooking class showing traditional Mexican cooking methods will provide an excellent meal. We may be entertained by an Escaramuza, the rare horsemanship by women in the “charreadas”, equestrian team movement done in perfect timing to music. The women share hours of practice to attune themselves and their horses.

Lectures and talks will be offered by:

Mary Lou Ridinger, a fascinating woman of renown, is an archeologist  and business owner of Jade Maya in Guatemala. She will be presenting her talk  Its a Small World.. After All,  Exploring Our Connectivity in Today’s World.

Mary Lou Ridinger

Victor Rua, teacher educated in traditional tango, folklore, and in Therapeutic Dance. Victor will talk  about Tango as a Complete Culture. This includes the fascinating history, and influence of immigration, the rise of Lunfardo (slang originated in BsAs city), and the construction of Identity.

Victor Rua

Carol Sawyer Lotspeich is a Biologist specializing in the ecology of living things. On my walks with Carol around San Miguel I am always impressed by her knowledge of every kind of plant and living system. Carol will be presenting her talk The Genealogy of Plants and Humans: When did a Tree become Me?

Special Guest is coming from Italy to visit her beloved San Miguel de Allende and give us a concert! Enjoy an evening along with singer/songwriter Hiliry Harvey as she sings songs spanning forty years, some of which were written in and for San Miguel, her touchstone and probably yours as well.

Our Welcome Party will kick off the festival with wonderful appetizers, drinks, mariachis, and a surprise performance.

Price for the entire Festival will be $260 dollars or 4, 900 pesos. Half price day is November 8! You get 50% off the entire fee if you register in full on Nov. 8 by cash, deposit into my American bank account, or Paypal. Or you can pay per event if there are tickets left for the event.

Schedule for Jan 9, Thursday: 5:30 PM Welcome Party at the Rooftop of the 5 de Mayo house in San Miguel de Allende. ( Address disclosed later) Mariachis, delicious appetizers by caterer Delani, drinks of wine, beer, or sodas, and a surprise performance.

Jan. 10, Friday: Talks and Stories by Mary Lou Ridinger, Carol Lotspeich, and Victor Rua at The Shelter Theater, time slots not yet decided.

Tango Milonga from 6 to 9 PM, come on time to make your own design pizza in the special pizza oven! At the 5 de Mayo house. Schedule to be continued later…

For immediate questions, email Christina Johnson at