Wonderful dancersIn October of 2012 I suffered a catastrophic event that changed my life, my dancing, and my work. A neurosurgeon had an “accident” during my surgery and dripped bone cement into my spinal canal. I was paralyzed on the right side from the waist down.

I have worked very hard to recover movement, and in so doing, I appreciate my very physical life of teaching yoga, practicing and teaching Argentine tango, hiking, ice skating, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing. I have an excellent personal trainer in San Miguel who has helped me tremendously, and I have discovered that tango is offering me an invitation to recovery.

My friend Ezequiel and I have been collaborating. Ezequiel was a tango student of mine many years ago, and has grown to be a very good teacher. He now practices with me, and helps me with tango therapy. We have played and practiced with bands, balls, music and we have an artistic and enjoyable way of bringing the body back into a stronger, more flexible, and balanced condition. We also experiment with connection. Connection to our partner and to our body and to ourselves are fundamental and restorative relationships.

I may never again dance, walk, or move with the grace I had before that tragedy in 2012. I am fairly certain I will never have complete sensation or feeling on my right side. I have lost some of the ability to move with unthinking fluidity, and innocent trust. But I am giving my body permission to regain all that she can, to nourish herself with rhythm and delight, to coax balance from proprioception and to place my feet with intent and decisive direction. And with tango I have the added healing touch of the embrace, and the comfort that I am not alone, and I am dancing.

Classes will be at a wood floored studio at Privada Aurora # 8 beginning Saturday Aug. 9 and continuing through Aug. 30. Classes will resume in November.  The hour class starts at 11:30 AM and costs 80 pesos. No partner is needed. Directions: driving out towards Dolores Hidalgo, the little alley of the Privada Aurora is on your right before the bridge. If driving, look for somewhere to park and then walk a block or two. Or park at the Fabrica. The street is narrow and a cul-de-sac, and not a good place to park.