hands in heart shape

  SEEKING YOUR HEALING MEMORIES, Through Movement Explorations & Manual Therapy Workshops June 5 through 7, 2014  with Donald VanHowten at the Hotel la Aldea  in San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mexico June 5: Our Moving Foundation: 4 to 6:30 PM

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In October of 2012 I suffered a catastrophic event that changed my life, my dancing, and my work. A neurosurgeon had an “accident” during my surgery and dripped bone cement into my spinal canal. I was paralyzed on the right

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Christina's shoes and Ezequiel, my student

I’ve been dancing tango since 1998. But I have been a tango dancer since Sunday March 2, 2014. Something new happened. Argentine tango* takes a voracious appetite for the unknowable, the undoable. One must thirst for the music to enter

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Yesterday was glorious. The sunshine sparkled like glitter at Mardi Gras, all over the winter brown grass and the newly turned soil. Dave and I were starting to prepare raised bed planter boxes with a mix of soil we have

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porch in Valle de Bravo

Last week, a friend and I went to Mexico City for the weekend, and added on extra time and one night in the town of Valle de Bravo. I had been curious to visit this place for many years, as

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Come and enjoy healing in the mountainous clear air of central Mexico for a week of nurturing, learning, sensory excitement, and peaceful abundance. San Miguel de Allende won the 2013 award for Conde Nast “best city in the world”

San Miguel has gorgeous colonial architecture, organic farms and produce, very good international cuisine, spectacular weather, and a fine culture of ancient and contemporary arts.

Participants will receive at least 20 hours of continuing education credits for bodywork, from Donald Van Howten, Feldenkrais and Ayurveda practitioner and teacher, massage therapist instructor, and author of Ayurveda and Life Impressions Bodywork